Criminal Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office is engaged in grievance and complaint procedures so as to initiate criminal investigations, monitoring of criminal cases as a complainant and deputy involved and gives defense and legal aid as a suspect and accused counselor in every type of criminal cases.

  • Administrative Law and Tax Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office, in addition to the litigation intended for disputes in administrative and tax law, offers representation and consulting services to its clients before the actual tax and penalty commissions.

  • Commercial Law and Company Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office serves in the fields of certificate of incorporation starting from the establishment phase, capital increase and decrease, merger, acquisition, separation, liquidation and restructuring connected with domestic and foreign-owned enterprise bodies.

  • Labor and Social Security Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office is engaged in drawing up service contracts in the field of labor law and social security law, ensuring compatibility of workplace procedures with business law, giving advice on contract termination, compensation, competition ban applications and serves for both employers and employees in all employment law issues including litigation in case of any dispute.

  • Execution and Bankruptcy Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office along with its experienced team provides services in debt follow-up through execution and bankruptcy with or without legal instrument and sentence, investigation of debtor’s assets, conversion of the confiscated goods into money, application and taking decision on provisional remedy, remuneration litigation, enforcement of criminal proceedings; however, restructuring of distressed companies and bankruptcy postponement.

  • Family and Inheritance Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office gives legal services in negotiated or contentious divorce cases with property regimes and all kinds of other cases including alimony, inheritance, child adoption, and portion of the inheritance, disclaimer of the inheritance, cancellation and abatement of savings and introduction or withdrawal of the will.

  • Real Estate Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office provides legal services in the fields of preparation of the contracts for sale and transfer of real estates; deed cancellation - registration cases and actions of recovery; constitution, discharge and encashment of mortgage; usufruct, pre-emption, the right of access, disputes relating to the right of redemption, prevention intervention trials, acquisition by ordinary and extraordinary prescription, nationalization and confiscating without expropriating in conjunction with the possession cases as well as in the issues of acquisition of real estates by foreigners in Turkey.

  • Cooperative Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office serves in the fields of establishment and liquidation of cooperatives and cancellation of their general assembly decisions.

  • Energy Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office aims to inform its clients of the changes going on in the market and legislation in the field of energy which has shown great improvement in recent years and to provide support at every stage of energy and renewable energy sector.

  • Foreigners Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office gives all kinds of legal assistance to its clients in respect of the Recognition and Enforcement procedures of foreign judgments in Turkey as well as the provision of residence permits of foreigners and their acquisition of real estates.

  • Arbitration Law

  • Anadolu Law & Consulting office provides legal services on the issues such as representation in arbitration committees, annulment of arbitral awards, mediation and compromise thereof.


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